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Registration & Policies  -  Adults & Teens


Call us at (847) 550-0016, or drop by the school at 20 East Main Street in Lake Zurich, to register for a class or workshop. All classes are ongoing, unless otherwise noted, and registration is for 8 week sessions, (6 week sessions for children 6 to 11 years old).  You may join an ongoing class at anytime, if room is available in the time slot you are interested in. Your 8 week session begins when you start your first class.  Classes with dates noted in the schedule are not ongoing and start and end on the dates shown.

If you are in an ongoing class, please mark your calendars at home, so you know when your current session begins and when it ends.  Tuition is due the day your next session of 8 weeks starts.  Your start date will be marked on your receipt.

Teens will get a reminder notice if we have not received payment, be sure to ask for them!  We don’t mail them out unless it’s obvious that you have forgotten.
We try and remind everyone when they are on their last class.
A class skipped between sessions is counted as one class.
We cannot fill in a gap with a new student,  it will have to be a make up.  We assume students will continue into another 8 week session. They will be billed as such. If you are not, please give us at least 2 weeks notice so we have time to fill your spot with another student.


When a refund is issued for a class, there will be a $10.00 processing fee deducted.  There are no refunds once a class session has started, unless a class has to be canceled for lack of the minimum enrollment required. There are no refunds for missed classes.  Make ups are available.


If there is more than one similar type of class running during the week, then you can do a make up. Specialty classes do not offer make ups.  Make ups can be done preferably during the 8 week session that you are in, however we will continue to allow a make up to be made up within 90 days or you will loose it. Plan ahead if you know you can’t be there one of the weeks.
We can not let make ups extend your session.
You must double up classes during the week to use your make ups. You will be expected to pay tuition when your 8 weeks is up, unless you are dropping out for awhile, which may put you on a waiting list for that class depending on availability.  Please call the Art Center to schedule your make ups.

Late Fees

A $5.00 late fee will be added to late bills of 3 weeks.


You will be given a supply list upon enrollment.  You may purchase your supplies from Mainstreet or other locations.  Our prices are very comparable to other art stores.  You are sure to get the right materials and good quality here, without having to return a wrong item.  We sell ready made frames as well. Great prices.

Please pay for supplies each day, they are purchased.  It really helps keep our paperwork and phone calls down.  Parents of teens need to check in each day for materials purchased.  Driving teens, please give reminder notices to parents, either mail in or bring money the following week!

Adults - Doors Open

Adults, doors will open 15 minutes before class starts.  Teachers who come into work early have a lot of
work to do and need this time for ordering supplies, making phone calls, cleaning, organizing or doing paper work.

Break Time

Teens are allowed a break half way through the class, where they are allowed to purchase a drink from Mainstreet (sodas are $0.75, water is $1.00) or a snack from a neighboring store.  They will not be chaperoned while outside the building.  They sometimes go to the hot dog or ice cream shops, or the bakery, for a snack.  We ask that they do not cross any streets at this time. It is good for the children to have a 10 - 15 minute break and get away from their work.  A parent permission form must be signed in order for your child to leave the building.


If you will be absent, please be considerate and call The Studio, that way we can schedule a MAKE UP for another student. This helps everyone schedule their make ups in a timely manner. This is really appreciated.

 Drop Off & Pick Up

Please do not drop your teen off more than 10 minutes before a class starts or pick them up later than 5 minutes after it ends.  Please be considerate of the teacher.  Some have other jobs or commitments to get to, plus it takes time to clean up and reorganize the room, before the next class starts.

Set Up & Clean Up

Pastel and Oil students are required to bring paper towels with them each week.  Paper towels are necessary to place under your work to help keep your easel and work station a bit cleaner.  They catch much of the pastel dust and  keeps the air cleaner for all.  Please wipe down the easel when finished too.

Oil painters are requested to wipe down their easels at the end of class too.  Please be courteous to the next painter who comes in.  Please move easels, benches, stools & chairs to original places at the end of class.


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