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Shawn Cornell

Plein Air Painting
The Landscape in Oil


Friday, Saturday and Sunday
 September 13, 14 & 15, 2019
9:00 am - 4:00 pm



What to Expect During a Shawn and Dave Cornell 
(son and father)

  • One to two hour daily classroom lectures on working with a limited palette. Discussions on motifs, composition, value fundamentals, assessing correct color temperatures and many other topics.

  • Written instructional materials containing considerations for a successful painting: composition, color, values, focal points, sources of light, affects of distance, reflections, shadows and highlights, paint mixing and brush strokes. The advanced knowledge of beginning, developing and finishing plein air paintings.

  • Several 10 - 30 minute instructor demonstrations from location each day

  • Numerous studies by students and one extended two hour painting each of the days

  • Daily Q and A sessions

  • Critiques following each painting session

As David Bayles said, “For most artists, making good art depends upon making lots of art.” In this plein air workshop you will be making lots of art (9 to 14 paintings), because every time you start a new painting, you bring to your effort everything you’ve learned from every other painting you’ve ever done. Through this process and the one-on-one instruction from Shawn and Dave Cornell, you’ll leave the workshop exhilarated, exhausted, and possessing a greater, clearer, more concise understanding of painting the landscape en plein air.



I'm a plein air painter by the strictest terms. Simply defined - all paintings are completed 100% on location - there's absolutely no indoor touch up. I do this for the vast challenges of painting from firsthand outdoor observation and to fully honor the historical tradition of painting directly from life. Why complete the painting entirely on location? It's a personal challenge. I simply want to see if I can.

Website:   www.mshawncornellstudio.com


Registration and Class Policies

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Shawn Cornell Workshop