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Charlie Hunter

Plein Air Oil Painting


Friday, Saturday & Sunday,
 September 9, 10 & 11, 2016 
9:00 am - 4:00 pm 



As word has spread about Charlie Hunter’s distinctive work, curiosity has arisen about how he goes about making a painting. Why water-mixable oils? Is it true that a squeegee is involved? And what about those Stim-U-Dents we keep hearing about? All will be revealed. We'll go over some simple, yet invaluable tools for accurate rendering, and talk about how sketching for 20 minutes a day can bring inner peace... We'll sketch and paint, and Charlie will expound and instruct about his approach to making dynamic paintings. We'll learn and laugh a lot while staying true to the credo of have big fun; make big mess.

There will be plenty of time for painting, daily discussions and critique, as well as multiple Hunter demos for those curious to witness the full act of plein-air murkiness
and the use of water-mixable oils, window squeegees,
cheap brushes, toothpicks and cotton swabs to achieve a distinct lack of clarity.


Hunter describes his work as “drippy portraits of rotting American infrastructure.” His painting process involves careful observation, sketching and use of muted, earth-toned palette in water-mixable oil. Hunter is the recipient of numerous plein air painting awards, was the subject of a recent feature in PLEIN AIR Magazine and has served as an instructor at the last three Plein Air Conventions in Monterey, California. He exhibits in galleries and museums across the US and his work is viewable on line at:


Website:   www.hunter-studio.com



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