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Frank Francese


Watercolor Workshop


Friday, Saturday & Sunday,

 October 24, 25 & 26, 2014 

9:00 am - 4:00 pm 


Frank Francese has resided in Colorado for most of his life.
 He has been a professional artist since 1976. His liquid style is unique and distinctive. Frank enjoys working on a very wet surface, letting the pure color mix itself on the paper. His shapes are large and loose,
 often disregarding fine detail. Frank uses abrupt color changes
 of the same value with the wet of the watercolor paper to bring his
 paintings to life. The subject matter for Francese watercolors is always varied, reflecting his national and international travels as well as local western Colorado scenes.

The signature of a Francese watercolor is his use of big shapes,
 color, color and more color! No matter where a Francese watercolor is displayed, it will radiate a flash of color that literally jumps
 off the wall, immediately capturing the eye of the casual
 observer and art critic alike.

Each day includes two demonstrations. The demonstration will be 40-60 minutes in length, leaving the student to have ample time to work on their painting using the subject matter of that day’s demonstration. The goal of a Francese workshop is to teach artists of all skill levels to combine color, shape and then detail into a unique work of art.

Day 1 will be a nature scene, Day 2 will be a City scene, Day 3 will be a Beach scene

Website:  www.ffrancese.com



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