Cheryl Cook

Perspective Drawing Techniques




Saturday & Sunday

 February 18 & 19, 2023r

9:00 am - 4:00 pm



Capturing the size of people in a crowd, the four legs of an animal, or buildings in a scene; these challenges can all be helped by a solid understanding of perspective. This workshop is designed to give you a foundation in perspective that will be applicable no matter your subject. Using your own reference, you will be encouraged to begin practicing perspective drawing in One, Two and Three point perspectives. Learn simple principles that will instantly improve your work by resolving problems when something you’ve drawn doesn’t look right. These techniques will help suggest depth in actual painting situations; landscape, still life and figure painting. On the second day, Cookie will guide you as you translate your perspective drawing on the first day into your painting. You will really discover the value in using drawing to strengthen your painting.



“Cookie” can’t remember when she was not drawing or painting. Directly out of college she began her career working for Hallmark in Kansas City; designing, illustrating and sculpting. After moving to Chicago, she worked for ad agencies and packaging companies, as well as drawing courtroom sketches for the Chicago Tribune and, now, CBS. Cookies loves working with fellow artists to share the lessons learned by a lifetime of study. Being continually inspired by other artists makes teaching an ongoing learning experience for both student and teacher.



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