Cheryl Cook

Sketchbook - A Source of Inspiration




Saturday & Sunday

 October 15 & 16, 2023

9:00 am - 4:00 pm



For many artists, a sketchbook is the first step in exploring a subject matter. Improving your sketching skills can help you design better compositions and use small sketches as a working tool for larger works. Through a series of demos and projects, Cookie will help you use a sketchbook to capture atmosphere and have fun with interpreting many different subjects. Students will be able to use their own photo references to spark inspiration for their sketches. You’ll work to design your sketch with storytelling in mind. Whether you’re working on your skills as a sketch artist or using this valuable tool for your painting, this workshop will inspire you to have fun and not get stuck in the weeds.



“Cookie” can’t remember when she was not drawing or painting. Directly out of college she began her career working for Hallmark in Kansas City; designing, illustrating and sculpting. After moving to Chicago, she worked for ad agencies and packaging companies, as well as drawing courtroom sketches for the Chicago Tribune and, now, CBS. Cookies loves working with fellow artists to share the lessons learned by a lifetime of study. Being continually inspired by other artists makes teaching an ongoing learning experience for both student and teacher.


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