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Barb Benstein

Animals / Creative Cropping


Wednesday & Thursdays
 October 18 & 19, 2017
9:00 am - 4:00 pm



Paintings of animals are nice but in this workshop, you will learn how to zero in on certain features of the animal to give it a whole new look. The focus can be almost anything; a close up of the eyes of an animal, the powerful muscle grouping of a horses chest and neck, the delicate feathers of a parrot’s wing or a close up of a horse’s head wearing a bridle. The possibilities are endless! I will teach you how to paint hair showing the different directions it grows, how to create liquid eyes, the soft velvety muzzle of a horse, the rich shiny texture of the leather on a bridle and the shiny brass of metal on the buckle or bit. We will do a painting together to learn these techniques. For the second painting you will bring in your own photo of a favorite animal. Using a template you will find a feature to focus on to paint.

Website:   www.artworkbybarb.com

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